Throwback Thurday – War of the Worlds

It’s Throwback Thursday time again and this week we are very humbled to have a selection from CJ Rutherford, Author of the Tales of the Neverwar Series.

CJ: The best OLD sci-fi book I ever read was a classic. War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells. It’s frightening in it’s authenticity. The world it’s set in…WW1 esque Britain, is awesome, but the characters are what drive it.
I loved the musical as well. It gave a whole new dimension to it.
Post-Apocalyptic Playground: It is a sci-fi book that I have shamefully never read, although (completely unrelated to this segment) The Mothership located an old copy within their dwelling the other day so now I have no excuses! Likewise though, it’s the musical which always stays with me (rather than the Tom Cruise/Spielberg vehicle) and I can even hear the music as I type!

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