Throwback Thursday – The Handmaid’s Tale

Today is Throwback Thursday and carrying on from last week’s guest spot, I am joined to today by fellow like minded blogger Rebecca Milhoan from Rebecca’s BiblioGal Book Review!

Her focus is on Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical and Super Hero reads, so if that is up your strasse then check our her blog at or on facebook.

Today she has chosen The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Rebecca:  I read this book as a Junior in High School, which is year 12 I think in the UK.  It was required and based on the cover I foolishly believed it was some sort of medieval fantasy story.  I was most certainly wrong!  I loved it though and it got me started on my now life long love of Dystopian Novels.  It’s a masterful tale about what could happen if the wrong people came into power and how it would affect the average person.  I could even apply it to what’s happening today in the political arena worldwide, especially the part about Canada being an escape route (insert smirk here).

Post-Apocalyptic Playground:
My first experience of this book was actually when I watched the film.  Whilst visually it’s very much of it’s time, I was completely pulled in by the story which was quite brutal at times.  One of my top reads too!

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