Review of Autonomy (Book 2 in the Invasion Day Series) by LC Morgans

In June, I reviewed Humankind (book 1 in the Invasion Day Series) by LC Morgans.  I loved it so much, I had to reach out to the author to let her know.  She very kindly offered me a review copy of Book 2, Autonomy, which it’s fair to say captivated me just as much as book 1 did!

Whilst I have tried very hard to avoid spoilers for book 2 itself, there are likely to be spoilers in relation to book 1 (although I have tried to be vague where possible but still remain true to a review).

Following directly on from the events in Humankind, Kyra has been left in turmoil by the rejection from the king.  The King she had put on a pedestal since she was a child.  His dismissal of her and his command for her to return to the mundane work of the tower disastrously backfires when she chooses instead to defy him and return to her undercover life.   Lines blur and Kyra loses sight of where she ends and Kiki begins.  Going deeper into the depths of the rebel stronghold, learning their stories and discovering painful truths about those sent to save humanity from themselves.  Is Kyra able to find herself again and can she place her loyalties so completely in the Thrakonians with the doubts Tuka has placed there?

Worlds collide and faced with a split second act of selflessness Kyra inadvertently propels herself into a life she has only dreamed of and an opportunity to discover the true reason behind invasion day, can her code breaking mind solve the mystery of the last 20 years behind Thrakonian Rule?

As with book one this story continues to turn itself on it’s head, the first half is fast paced, intense and culminates in one of the biggest “OMG did that just happen” moments that I have had in a book for a very long time.  The second part for the most is at a more relaxed pace, which i think was needed.  It brings a softer side to the world of the Thrakonians, an almost human side and a glimpse into the loneliness of the King, despite his island playground.   Poor Kyra does go through the wringer a lot, but her modifications at the hands of Greegis are her salvation in a physical sense however LC Morgan’s ability to convey the emotional turmoil of Kyra’s double life and divided loyalties is utterly captivating and page turning.  It’s only fitting that the pace of the book allows us to recover at the same pace as it’s characters.  I very much enjoyed that on several occasions throughout you were being skilfully guided to a certain conclusion which was then ripped away and replaced with another diversion all leading into a cataclysmic finale.  Kyra remains a force of nature and despite everything she has been through she retains an admirable self respect when it comes to her treatment at the hands of others.

When I read Humankind, I knew that Autonomy was released already and could move straight on.  Whilst Autonomy concludes with the end of a chapter in Kyra’s life it also manages to be quite a cliffhanger about what happens next, and I am definitely excited for the release of book 3.  Please don’t make me wait too long LC Morgans!

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