Review of Hope by Lydia Sherrer

Hope is a short story by Lydia Sherrer – it is part of a greater anthology so perhaps check out the whole thing!

Although only a short story, so much is packed into it’s few pages.  A truly interesting premise and one that I have honestly never considered – what happens to vampires in the event of an apocalypse?  Our narrator has the blessing and curse of her master, travelling companion and protector being one who feeds off her blood to survive.  The alternative is unthinkable and whilst she is merely a slave to her master, at least she is to a degree protected.  Post-apocalyptic worlds have a way of coming back to bite the best of plans (pun intended) and can anyone be truly under protection?

The world weaved in the short pages is incredibly descriptive so much so that you feel like you are there, feeling the snow like ash upon your face, the fear, the pain and desolation. I wish that this story was longer, but then would it lose some of it’s magic?

Hope can be purchased here

And the Anthology Apocalypse Chronicles here

1 thought on “Review of Hope by Lydia Sherrer

  1. Wonderful review! Yes, quite a few people have complained about wanting it to be longer, to know more, but I always tell them the point is that it is a short story! I've always been fascinated about what happens to the "supernaturals" if the event of an apocalypse. I guess because apocalypse writing is generally sci fi and supernatural stuff is fantasy the two don't usually mix. But I would be fascinated to read a book series about a modern fantasy supernatural world (vampires, werewolves, fae, etc, think Charlene Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Vampire mysteries series) in a post apocalyptic world.


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