Author Interview with CJ Rutherford

This week’s author interview is with spotlight winner CJ Rutherford!  He’s an author that I always have a great laugh with, so I was really happy that he won with his nomination this week!  CJ is the author of the Tales of the Neverwar Series and also dragon keeper to the flamboyant Claude.

Q:  For those who are new to CJ Rutherford, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your books?

CJ:  Well, I write YA fantasy, but my first series branches out through several genres.  There’s romance, time travel, and alternate reality.

Q:  At what point in your life did you know you wanted to be a writer?

CJ:  I think I always knew I wanted to write.  It was only when my kids got too old for bedtime stories I wanted to put them into print.

Q:  Do you need peace and quiet to write or do you have a playlist to keep you going?  If you do would you share it with us?

CJ:  I write everywhere.  In the car, in my chair….and other places I won’t mention lol.  I love to listen to ambient music like Enigma.

Q:  Are you characters always a complete work of fiction or is there an element of someone you know to start the idea rolling?

CJ:  Hahaha…I always love this question.  The two mains in Souls of the Never are based on my daughter and her best friend.  When I read them back, it’s just their interactions.

Q:  What are your experiences of being an Indie Author, do you find that social media is a help or a distraction to your writing?

CJ:  Definitely a distraction, but useful for marketing and connecting with readers.  It’s a double edged sword lol.

Q:  What are you currently working on or is it a secret?!

CJ:  Ooo…now that’s a secret.  I have a project, The Companion Series.  Book one is titled Companion of Darkness.  I’m about a third in, and my alpha readers are begging for more.  I guess I must be doing something right.

Q:  What trouble has Claude been up to recently?

CJ:  That damn dragon still continues to post on my blog.  He does all sorts of giveaways.  He actually does pretty well.  We just did an awesome giveaway where the whole series was offered on audio.  Join my VIP list to have a chance to win

Q:  If you could be any character you have written, who would you choose?

CJ:  I’d choose Gaak.  He’s probably someone you don’t know, but the most important character in all my books.  You just don’t know it yet.

Q:  What are you currently reading?

CJ:  EVERYTHING by Sarah J Maas.  LOVE her!

Q:  Fictional Dinner Party – give me 5 fictional characters or authors who you would have as dinner companions.

CJ:  Puff the magic dragon.  Pete’s dragon….see a theme?  Frodo, Bilbo, and Sam

Thank you so much CJ for taking the time to answer our questions for us today!  Good luck with the new project and keep up the good work Claude 😉 

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