Review of Broken Forest (Book 1 in the Daath Chronicles) by Eliza Tilton

Broken Forest is a proper fantasy read, I have missed pure fantasy recently as it so often becomes diluted into paranormal, but this was a welcome surprise.  

Set in the world of Tarrtainya, we start in the simple farm life of our hero Avikar and his family.  Still haunted by the loss of his younger brother, he is pulled by a sense of family duty to be the one to recover his older sister, Jeslyn, following her kidnap.  He sets off with his best friend Derrick on the path to rescue.   The question is though, does Jeslyn really want to be rescued?  The enigmatic Lucino is her captor turned suitor, but all is not as it seems as Lucino hides a dark secret.  Caught up in the world of riches and finery though, Jeslyn seems to be oblivious to anything out of the ordinary in her new home.  Will Avikar and Derrick get to her in time to reveal all?  Lands of myth are ready to be explored and some unlikely alliances are formed along the way, be prepared to end up rooting for the one you shouldn’t though!

I really liked the writing style of this book the chapters are short and punchy, a style that really pulls you into wanting to keep on reading, even when you desperately need to stop and go to sleep!  Never have I said “just one more chapter” so much.  The book is written from 3 different POV’s which may seem too much, but whilst initially a bit much, it soon settles into an easy flow.  The multiple POV’s aren’t clumsy or confusing and the characters are easy going and likeable.   Although young, they are not full of angst and the romantic sub plot is clean.  

There has been a lot of attention to detail as well, there is some beautiful formatting which really sets this book apart from others I have read recently.  Altogether a light and fun read, I have already started book 2!  

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