Review of Wicked Path (Daath Chroinicles #2) by Eliza Tilton

Following on from broken forest, we continue with the adventures of Avikar, his sister Jeslyn and against all odds, Lucino.  

Jeslyn has gone to stay with her grandfather next to the sea and fills her days searching for shells and making goods to sell, however, she can’t let go of the necklace given to her by Lucino, which she continues to wear secretly.   Avikar prepares to take a treacherous journey with Raven and her old friend Cael, across the mountains, bringing him face to face with creatures he could never have imagined all whilst being chased by the vengeful Lucy.

Lucino pines for Jeslyn whilst back home in Mirth and sets about defying his family to see her, the necklace she covets becoming a beacon for Lucino.  Can she forgive him or learn to accept him for his true self?

A kidnapping leads Jeslyn to embark on just as treacherous a journey as Avikar’s, and whilst both strive to reach their goal the threat of an oncoming war shakes them to the core.

This is a story which is very much a prelude to bigger things to come, although there are set pieces throughout, there is a lot going on to set things up as the story continues. It’s by no means a dull read, plenty of information to take in and friendships and bonds are forged.   Lucino and Jeslyn’s tale continues to captivate, and I have to say that although Avikar’s journey is clearly crucial, I found myself wanting to get back to the chapters between Lucino and Jeslyn.  I love that Jeslyn is becoming a force to be reckoned with and Lucino continues to be the antihero you just can’t help but love

That saying, there is clearly something about Avikar and his family which is special, their heritage in this regard is silent but all roads point to something greater in my view

Another great read and intriguing follow up to Broken Forest.

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