Review of Resonant by LC Morgans

We pick up just where we left off at the end off at the end of Autonomy and begin to deal with Kyra’s struggle of not only dealing with the complete demise of Earth but also that she must suffer in silence, literally, as the task of not being discovered aboard the Thrakorian mothership must take priority.  With only a usually absent Thrayke as an outlet for her outpouring of grief, Kyra’s once agile and analytical mind starts to stall, but the end of their journey is in sight.  Despite having the HEA all planned out, risks need to be taken unexpectedly which leads to disastrous consequences for Kyra.  Whilst she arrives on Thrakor undetected by King Kronus, it’s fair to say her arrival is far from safe and Thrayke is unknowingly on a race against time…..

So LC Morgans has done it again, given us a book so full of twists that you’re head is left spinning!  At about ¾ way through i realised that there had already been so many plot twists that I had no idea where the book could go next.  The tone and pace of the book was constantly changing in surprising and unexpected ways.  Kyra’s physical and mental presence is pushed to every one of its limits, sometimes uplifting, often punishing, I have to admit that I did have an ugly cry moment, which I don’t have often!  

There is so much I want to say about this book and I know it is unusual for me to be so brief in my reviews but if I say any more I’m sure to inadvertently give something away.  This series really does go from strength to strength although be warned, there is the mother of all cliffhangers coming your way!

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