Review of the Sauvage Domicile by Courtney Ruggles

Thankfully picking back up from where we left off at the end of the Vrai Domicile, we rejoin Q and the others as they make good their dramatic escape from the sixth, although tragedy has struck and not all of the group make it to the forest beyond.  Q and U are initially split off from the others forcing their bond to strengthen and when Q’s life is again in danger, B is the one to help bring her to the others albeit in an unexpected way.  An unlikely band of escapees has gathered, including some who Q would never have thought to have supported her cause.  They must learn to work together in order to explore the wilderness, the Sauvage, and move forward with the quest to bring everyone.
Q settles uneasily into her role as poster girl for the revolution, beset by the grief of the lives lost indirectly from her actions she struggles to deal with the new emotions freedom affords her, including the experience of platonic love.  However, she finds herself riddled with self doubt and guilt, with little in the way of support from her fellow escapees who struggle to understand her actions and her love for someone other than B.  Respite is at hand though in the form of Chrysanthe, a Transient girl and all round free spirit who helps Q embrace the new life and freedoms.  
The group are still haunted and hunted by the domiciles, reminders of their cruelty litter the path to the Transient stronghold and despite freeing themselves of the means to be tracked they still find themselves battling the Guerriers whilst seemingly far from their radar.  
Where there was once great hope we are then sucker punched by betrayal on the grandest scale and truths from the Vrai Domicile are revealed in a way that shakes both you as a reader and also Q to the core.  Q’s fate seems sealed but when she receives help from the most unlikely source she is struck by an epiphany, which can only mean that heading into book 4 we are dealing with a very different girl who is very clearly set on her path.

This series continues to grow and mature alongside of Q, I was utterly captivated by the writing of the emotions wrought upon her and the feelings brought about by that.  This remains one of my most highly rated series and the plot twists and revelations coupled with some phenomenal writing makes this another 5* read for me.  

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