Review of Sundered by Bethany Adams

How welcome it is to be back in the world of Morainia.  The world remains as beautiful and inspiring as it did in Soulbound and I loved returning to it.  Starting directly after the dramatic closing events of Soulbound, Sundered focus’ on Lyr’s story the most.  There is much on his mind, whilst having to track Kien and deal with the aid requests from those realms who are suffering from the energy poisoning, he also has to deal with the guilt over what happened to his mother and the pain from his own injury.

The energy poisoning coming down from the Earth is spreading to the far reaches of the realm.  Alfheim, an insular city, long cutting itself off from the worlds outside are the latest to fall victim and find themselves having to seek aid from Lyr, meaning that he has yet another thing on his plate, however many in the group are not what they seem.  There is an instant connection with Lady Amelia (Meli), who is close to being shunned by her kin due to her perceived lack of magical talent.  She is baffled by the choice to send her on such a delicate mission, a mission that will have life changing consequences for her.  There is  a familiarity sensed by both Lyr and Arlyn when they first meet Meli – a memory of Aimee, and for Lyr, a need to be bonded with her.   Although he knows that he must push such things aside for both the memory of Aimee and the race against time to stop Kien, he can’t help but wander from his duties.

The peaceful world is shattered however when great atrocities take place and the need to step up the search for Kien intensifies.  The assassins are still finding ways to breach the defences and dangerous missions are ahead for them, but an opportunity to collapse the spell causing the poison can’t be missed.   Ralen’s ability as seer however is not quite back on form and there is confusion and potential danger at every change of the fates, Eri’s own foresight only muddies the waters further.  There is betrayal and great insult, leaving fragile allegiances in tatters but from that arises the chance for new ones to be formed.

Can they foil Kien in time and at what cost?

The storytelling is again utterly captivating and there are many revelations in this tale full of twists and unexpected turns.  A great follow up to Soulbound!

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