Review of the Seekers Keys by Christina L Rozelle

The Seeker’s Keys is the concluding part of the Treemaker’s Trilogy and my word what a conclusion!  Sadly real life got in the way of me being able to read this story in a really good session and I had to take snatches of time where i could, which prevented me getting as immersed as I would have liked, but the impact and story telling remained immense.

We begin back in the refuge, still recovering from the escape from Alzenai.  The weight of Smudge’ admission in relation to hormone manipulation is heavy on Joy, tough conversations are needed and a greater urgency of what needs to be done in relation to the rescue of friends left behind arises.  The gravity of the task at hand is overwhelming, the retrieval of the keys, the resetting of the trees from the other factory, the rescue of Jax, Vila, the baby and destruction of Lord Daumier all need to be completed.  As with all best laid plans things never run smoothly and with each completed task a new one seems to stem from it.  Cheyanne’s prophecy’s with hindsight all become clear and the fact that Joy’s father was far more of a magician than she ever realised weave into every step they take and every new friend they make.  Joy’s talent for powerful storytelling seemingly stemming more from fact than from fiction, reveal the clues needed to finally complete the tasks, with help from an unusual army.

Realities are still skewed at times which brings one of the best storytelling mechanisms into play, the sections involving the use of the 5R Elevens are brilliant.  I loved them in book 2 and they continue to play a pivotal role here, bringing extra depth to the story in places, I won’t say which parts for fear of spoilers, but for me there was one section especially that was amazing because of this.

Whilst there is still tragedy within this story, it is filled far more with hope that the others.  Despite this, I still couldn’t shake the feeling instilled in me by the first 2 books that everything was going to go to hell at every turn, which led to a much more nerve wracking read.  Heartbreaking revelations in relation to new friends made and old enemies alike, bring a greater level of understanding to the vileness of the world from book 1, although never quite enough for me to forgive.

The fall of Alzenai is spectacular and the following Exodus section ticked all my epilogue boxes. It emotionally completely wrung me out though and I’m glad I had the time to read the last quarter in pretty much one sitting.  I’m so glad I discovered this series, I have loved every second of both the harrowing and uplifting parts and I will miss the characters greatly.  Thank you so much Christina L Rozelle for creating this amazing and immersing world.

PS: I would love it if there was ever a time where a prequel relating to Zephyr the Magnificent could be written, just putting that one out there 😉

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