Review of Tatyanna by Lindsay Johnston

Tatyanna has always felt like an outsider, never really fitting in and feeling almost invisible to those around her, save for her beloved rescue cat Tux.  When she turns 21, her party with her untwinny twin leads to a seemingly random encounter with Dimitri, who is there to settle a score with a partygoer, but ends up fully noticing Tatyanna, much to her surprise.   Meeting Dimitri sets in motion a chain of events taking her towards a destiny she could never have imagined, far away from the world she knew as home.

This book is amazing and I loved every second of it!  Tatyanna is a fantastic character and I really clicked with her, witty and sarcastic – she’s my kind of girl!  The supporting cast are equally well crafted, they all have their part to play and will have you loving and hating, depending on the character of course!  The conversation between the characters was easy going and funny at times and despite the depth of the world it never became overly caught up in lore.  The imagination of the author pours out into every paragraph and there are no wasted pages which considering the length of the book is quite a feat.  I have such a respect for fantasy authors because of the intricacies needed to create their worlds, the scenes in Tatyanna leaped off page for me, beautiful castles, whispering forests, waterfalls and wondrous displays arising from manipulation of the elements, Tatyanna has the element of water with beautiful swirly waves and rainstorms.  

This is far from fluffy fantasy though, there are some upsetting scenes and a massive battle set piece which really pulls little in the way of punches, which all leads to the perfect balance within this book.  There are lots of twists to the tale and you will be left questioning who you can and can’t trust right alongside of Tatyanna.  Overall, I would say that this was a very accessible fantasy read, if you aren’t sure of the genre or maybe have been put off by really dry fantasy in the past, this is the book to change your mind, I recommend this book to all readers, I promise you will not be disappointed!

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