Review of Verseborn (Book 2 in the Earthborn Series) by PM Hernandez

Following directly on from the closing scenes of Earthborn, Addie is on her way to Ayezh with Daxon. Unbeknown to her Brock and Trig are hot on her heels, despite her instruction to the contrary. Forced into the spotlight of an unknown world will she be be able to keep to her mission to rescue Abram?  What are Daxon’s true intentions? Will she be welcomed with open arms by her long lost family?  

If Earthborn was the scene setter, Verseborn is the payoff.  It’s a well woven tale of protocol, betrayal, daring rescue attempts and of course all topped off with Addie’s trademark snark.  Her struggles with fitting into a society where despite her lofty title she is little more than a half breed, or Verseborn, are immense.  Revered and reviled in equal measures she holds great power but she is also seen as little more as the next greatest breeding machine to the family that will bring her grandfather most honour. Daxon appears to be her unlikely saviour but can he be trusted to be doing anything more than securing his family’s greatness?  Ancient family rifts run high and Addie is left spinning with both who she should trust and how she can also factor in her father’s potential rescue.  Brock who is used to being classed as Elite, the best of the military on Earth, now finds himself struggling to be classed as even mediocre against the pure Ayezhni.  For the first time in his life he is faced with crippling self doubt, realising that he has nothing to bring to  the table when it comes to being an acceptable suitor for Addie.  Is love simply enough?

I have to say that I loved this book.  The pace has little in the way of let up and the final set piece is nothing short of epic.  The story will have your heart breaking for both Addie and Brock in different ways, especially when Addie’s full potential is realised in the most cataclysmic way.  I could have kept on reading, but then I suppose I would have had the opportunity to be excited for book 3!

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