Review of Intransigent – Book 3 in the After Light Saga by Cameo Renae

We pick up where we left off at the end of Sanctum, the family are reunited in the last helicopter transport and are heading towards the Government bunker.  Abi is happy to be back in the arms of her family and everything is set to be ok!  However, a throwaway comment by Abi about her ability to hear the Arvies, is her undoing.  The government bunker has been searching for people just like her to become part of their “Reader Programme” and the pilot immediately calls in with a success story that a Reader has been found.  Once at the bunker she finds herself forced away from her family and Finn and placed into segregation with other the readers with only weekly contact allowed with those she loves if she’s lucky.  Twins Chloe and Chase and a Dr Simon are the only other readers who have been found and it’s immediately apparent that their abilities are far weaker than Abi’s.  The Reader Programme however, is soon found to be nothing short of human drug trials which Abi is unable to escape from.  Abi finds herself surrounded by lies and is challenged by her own instinct as to who she can trust.  She must keep her head though as to upset the balance through failure to comply with the rules, will lead to ejection from the bunker and her labelled Intransigent.  However when the drug trials open her mind to a level no one could ever have imagined, will she ever be able to leave?

The cinematic quality of this series continues and again I was left imagining it as a movie as the pages turned.   Intransigent though is the most insular section of the series so far but it loses nothing for it.  The story is almost entirely within the science department of the bunker, but this works well as it helps to give you a sense of Abi’s isolation from her family and friends.  By not showing their part of the story it adds extra depth to the read as whilst you are along for the ride with Abi, you are still left wondering what life must be like outside in the main area with the others.  How are they being treated?  What are they doing?  It is a complete page turner and every chapter is brimming with information and activity and things move quickly as Abi’s treatment pushes her to the limit far more speedily than with any other reader so far.  The climactic points are major with real wow moments, and the story goes in a darker direction that I wasn’t expecting, but loved nevertheless!

It’s no surprise that I loved this book, the first 2 were 5 star reads for me and this did not disappoint, in fact I think i’m going to have to start Hostile straight away!

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