Review of Hostile (Book 4 in the Afterlight Saga – by Cameo Renae

Hostile is the fourth book in the Afterlight Saga and one of the things I love is that the books all directly roll on from one another without distraction or break.  At the end of Intransigent, Abi and her family had escaped the bunker and found themselves falling into the generous hands of Billy who invited them to join him and his hive.  WIth Milton on the mend, Abi is able to finish her course of treatments, a goal she is desperate to realise as she knows that she’s on borrowed time until she is discovered and puts her old and new family at risk of execution.  Once complete she decides to make good her escape and sets off alone.  Sadly those searching for her don’t take long to find their mark, but with more than just Arvies on their tail, can they afford to keep Abi as a prisoner or will they be forced to trust her and bring her into the ranks?  With the discovery of a potential game changer along the way, will Abi still remain a priority and can she find a way back to Finn and her family?

There is an absolute ton of stuff going on with this instalment; where Intransigent was very focu

sed, Hostile takes us out into the big wide world again where miraculously some survivors are still surviving and there are things just as bad as the Arvies lurking in the shadows. With Abi’s serum course completed she finds that she is opened up to more than being just a killing machine, but the power she holds is desperate to come to the surface with her trying desperately to keep it at bay.  The power to harm also has the power to heal potentially placing her in greater danger if the powers that be come to understand the true extent of what she has become.   Whilst I was initially a little let down with how easily Abi had allowed herself to be captured that was quickly replaced as little by little she starts to gain the upper hand and of course the story would have taken a very different turn if she remained undiscovered!  This continues to be a strong series and again I read it in less than a day as it drew me in completely.  There was only one little part for me which I wasn’t too keen on, but with it only being 2 pages out of the 4 books, i’m not letting it impact on how much I loved reading Hostile.  I’m just glad I don’t have to wait too long for book 5!

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