Frayed Fairytales – Season 1 (Epidode 1) by the Ferocious 5!

Happily Ever Afters are meant to be just that surely? For Snow White maybe – she got her fairytale ending. But for her sister Rose Red things aren’t as perfect as they could be. Yes, she has an amazing husband and they love each other deeply but their family needs completing and Rose becomes consumed with the need for a child, a need that can’t be filled by babysitting again for Snow. A chance meeting in the market leads her to a darker path to reach her goal, unsuspectingly – she’s always had a little magic but can she put her faith in it completely?

Rose’s story is Season one of Frayed Fairy Tales, the seasons are split into episodes – just like your favourite TV show! This episode took me around half an hour to read and left me on a massive cliffy – again like your favourite TV show 🙂 I love this format and that the episodes will be being released close together so you can either read them when the episodes come out or save them up and have a binge read! 

I loved the fact that her story has a real life edge to it and that Rose’s struggle is one that many can probably relate to and I get the feeling that this edginess will continue throughout all the books. As a starter this really has me hooked in and i’m excited not just for the next Episode in Rose’s season but for all the stories I know are to come!

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