Frayed Fairytales Season 1 (Episode 2) by the Ferocious 5

We’re on to episode 2 and our Rose has really got herself whipped up into a mess.  So consumed by Drina’s offer and her chance to be a mother, her mind is clouded to the potential dangers that she rejects the offers of help and counsel from her friends.  The castle is on lock down and the countdown to Drina’s ultimatum is on!

As a mother it’s hard not to feel for Rose in this situation.  Consumed by an obsession,  her wants and needs surpass all others and disastrous consequences are bound to ensue.  Her too late discovery adds a sense of heart pounding urgency and you just know that next cliff hanger is coming.

There are some lovely touches in this episode, I loved the throwback to CS Lewis when Rose enters the wardrobe and the almost ethereal quality to Amelia’s admission about having been able to control the guards actions for some time.  Amelia is my one to watch in this series, I’m hoping for great things from her!

Whilst I love the idea behind the episodic releases, it going to drive me crazy waiting for each one to come out!  If you leave with one thing from this review that will make you want to read this it’s this…. Demon Dwarfs….

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