Review of 7: The Seven Deadly Sins by the Ferocious 5 (Aka Jo Michaels, Tia Bach, Kelly Risser, Nichole Greene and Casey Bond)

Whilst I would usually start my reviews with a synopsis I am struggling to know where to start, such are the twists in this tale.  7 parts in total, 5 are the stories of a life belonging to a man named Thomas; the other 2, well you’ll just have to wait and see – but they are a whole load of WOW!   Each life of Thomas, from ancient Rome to ghetto New York weaves a story beset with emotion, choices and chances.  It becomes clear that every incarnation of Thomas reflects a man with many loves, failings and achievements, some of which will ultimately become his potential downfall.  Whilst the obvious link between the stories is Thomas, you know there is something else, something which becomes clear a few stories in.  The link between his loves is subtle but enough to make you realise there is more to come.

Ultimately 7 is a tale of redemption, but why does Thomas need to be redeemed? Faced with the sins of his past lives, does Thomas have the capacity to repent and can he really face the truth of the choices he has made and the truth of what has led him to the culmination of part 6.

7 really made me think, really made me consider how the 7 deadly sins feed into our lives without even realising.  Part 6 starts on a bombshell and then drops a whole load of “say what?” on top of it.  It’s a huge turning point and really brings ideology into focus. I especially love the eponymous twist of the authors names in the tale, it really bring a different dimension to it.

In short if you are after a tale with a difference, a tale which will make you think and a tale that may make you take a closer look at the way you live you life, you will not be disappointed with 7.

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