Review of the Vernal Memory (book 4 in the Variant Saga) by JN Chaney

The final instalment of the variant saga is completed and oh my wow what an amazing ride!  For the last 2 books i’ve been willing the time to come when Terry’s story collides with John and Mei’s and it does so spectacularly here! So much happens in the Vernal Memory that I honestly don’t know where to start.  The action is sublime and the pace had my heart racing at times, there are battles which are nothing short of EPIC!   

Terry is with Lena at Garden where we left off, although things go rapidly wrong.  A chance to take down the Leadership is too good an opportunity to miss but without a real plan things go awry.  There is deception and deceit and a twist I didn’t see coming!  Hux remains one of my favourite characters and their arrival at Tharosa is glorious, the dynamic between Terry, Ludo and Hux is a joy to read and reminiscent of the camaraderie of the children back in the Amber project.   The work on the cure to variant becomes a race against time between those who seek to use it for good and those who have their own agenda to complete.  It all comes together in a crescendo of cinematic proportions.

I honestly cannot praise this book enough (if you haven’t guessed), I have enjoyed the series as a whole but this ending has just blown me away.  JN Chaney’s ability to write “in the moment” action always amazes me and I feel like I am almost there with the characters as i’m reading.  I’m going to miss Terry and the others, after 4 books with them I feel like I want to stay with them forever, but things are left beautifully and I’m glad I spent the time with them.

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