Review of Hereafter (Book 4 of the Invasion Day series) by LC Morgans

I was desperate to get my hands on this after the major cliffhanger in resonant, we soon learn that despite Greegis’ best efforts to terminate Kyra it is indeed his modifications which are her salvation, told in retrospect it’s clear from the start that this will not be so much of a continuation of Kyra’s story but that of Kronus.
I adore Kyra and could read about her all the time but it was also refreshing to see more of Kronus’s side and it opened up so much more of the story and life on Thrakor.  We have a new, powerful, female lead in the form of Gretchen.  She is a world away from Kyra but still a force to be reckoned with in her own right, humble and innocent, a chance for Kronus to do things right this time when responding to her request for help.
From the outset i’m very relieved that there was no love triangle here, I was happy that Resonant resulted in Kyra maintaining her relationship with Thrayke and I was worried that there would be a challenge for Kyra’s hand.  Whilst it’s fair to say that i’m still warming up to Gretchen, I love the change in dynamic she brings to story.
Plot wise there is a ton going on, we are introduced to new planets and races, help with finding a cure comes from an unlikely source and my mind is racing with whether there could be any backlash arising from that!  A new threat brings the chance for Kyra to get back to her old self and I can’t wait to read all about it when she does!

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