Review of Revelation (Book 2 in the Lily Singer Adventures) By Lydia Sherrer

I think the Lily Singer Adventures are my new favourite series!  Following on from the aftermath of Beginnings, in Part 3, Lily is back to work at Agnes Scott College and further investigating the myriad of artefacts in the basement.  Her interest piqued by a piece of stone she can’t fathom, she decides to return home with it and back to Sir Kipling, where things take an unexpected and glorious turn.  Summoned by Madam Barrington to help strengthen wards around an ancient tablet on display in the local museum, can it be too much of coincidence that Sebastian is warned of a plot to steal such an item?  It’s a great start to Revelations, Sir Kiplings new talent is fantastic and if (like me) you’re a cat owner, it adds a bit of depth to the hilarity of the situation at times.  I love that Madam Barrington is taking more of a role in this part too, and I really felt for her in her struggles with knowing whether or not to trust Sebastian. Tina is a great new character too and the the climactic ending of this part is a massive page turner!  

The interlude again, takes you into the more darker aspect of Sebastian’s life when he’s not off adventuring with Lily.  His search to find the instigator of the theft plot places him in great danger and also gives thim the chance to be the rescuer again.  I love that he’s becoming this silent superhero, doing great deeds and then escaping into the night ❤

Part 4 see’s Lily accepting an invitation from John Faust Le Fay, the wizard from the time loop episode in Beginnings.  I think it’s fair to say that Revelations truly lives up to it’s name in this part, not only does Lily find herself catapulted into a new world – seemingly full of wonder she is also forced into the society life of the wizarding community, where things start to go amiss.  I love the transition from light to dark in this part of the story, things go crumbly for Lily very quickly, having been almost in a fairy tale bubble before.  The truth about her parents and her heritage become overwhelming and she is owed many answers by those closest to her.

These books are such a refreshing read, I love how you never get bogged down with them as they are split into 3 parts but all are still connected by a single story arc. They are both lighthearted and dark at the same time and always beautifully written with gorgeous chapter illustration.  On to book 3!

4 thoughts on “Review of Revelation (Book 2 in the Lily Singer Adventures) By Lydia Sherrer

  1. Wonderful review, thank you! I am absolutely floored by how well you were able to summarize things without giving away spoilers…hehe. It was a lot of fun writing about the things Sebastian does when Lily isn't around. She doesn't know even half of what he gets up to, and she really only sees the mischief he causes, not a lot of the good he does (because he doesn't advertise it). And yet, she can still tell the kind of person he is, really, behind all the charm and playacting. He needs someone who ignores all his smoke and mirrors ;).


  2. Wow.. great summary/review. I've read all the book Lydia has to offer and you were spot on with this one. If I hadn't already read the book, this would make me want to. Hell, I may as well do it anyway and revisit old friends.


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