Review of Allies, Book 3 in the Lily Singer Adventures by Lydia Sherrer

Allies is book 3 of the Lily singer adventures and it doesn’t disappoint.  Very much a book focused on Lily, continuing on from the bombshell of John Faust and how she must regroup and deal with both coming to terms with what happened and how to stop him.  

In part one, Lily must take the olive branch offered by her estranged mother and return home.  Dealing with the fallout  to her siblings when she left, Lily is greeted both warmly and with need to make amends. With the secret out, Lily is able to learn more about her heritage and new family members, but with the shadow of John Faust looming large Lily and her mother must use magic to ward the house and family, a task which is met with a mixed response.  Armed with a new path to follow to track down the book of Morgan le Fay, Lily doesn’t realise what a dangerous path she is taking.  Does she really have time for a fledgling romance with Agent Grant and does he really have her best interests at heart?

The interlude as always brings us round to Sebastian’s underworld side, but his attempts to bring down John Faust with the aid of Tina, end in disaster and leave Lily in an even more precarious position coming into the final part.

For the final part, well – i’m going to say very little other than that you won’t be able to put it down!  

Again, I loved this book, the whole series continues to set the bar high.  Lily’s interactions with Kipling are hilarious, I have decided that I do find it extra funny as a cat owner, and often wonder what mine would say to me!   I also love how flawed Lily is in this book, she often comes across as very naive in the choices she makes – the revelations of the past and her present causing her to gently unravel as everything becomes a race against time.  Her desperation causing cracks in her resolve and lapses in judgement.  Her thoughts and feelings for Sebastian are very well played out too and i’m enjoying the tentative dynamic growing between them.  The final part is epic, brilliant sequences and lots going on in a whirlwind of action balanced against a heavy dose of peril.  There are some moments of real heartache too, so hold on tight!   I’m enjoying the little breadcrumbs here and there, of things I’m going to be keeping my eye on too!   This is another 5* read for me 🙂

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