Bookish ramblings Part 1

I’m all about trying new things for the most part as long it allows me to remain my introverted self. When I started up this blog I was all about it being a community and not just piles of promo – well somewhere along the line I failed with that.  I think it’s because I didn’t have the nerve to talk to you all and I slowly became a faceless blogger.  I’m going to try and remedy that for those of you who are still with me!  So I will from time to time talk to you on here about what’s going on with me and the YA/Dystopian/Fantasy bookworld!

SO big news is that after 2 years of solidly reading Indie on my kindle I have been reading a ton more trad published fantasy.  I always find it difficult to review trad published books, I don’t know why.  It’s almost like I feel they have already been validated and who am I to judge? How about you?  Do you like to see reviews of traditionally published books or are you all about the indie? I would like to know as if you do like to read these types of review maybe I will try and push out of my comfort zone and then share my reviews with you too!

My new big love at the moment is Bookstagramming, I started last week on a whim and found myself completely in love with it.  Although my 2 year paperback drought has left me woefully without subject material to photograph!  I’m working on it though.  I am taking part in a bookstagram monthly challenge which at least gives me a place to start everyday – this is one of my favourite that I have done so far – it was a challenge to post a short title, you can’t get much shorter than a single letter!

I love searching around and looking for props as well as digging out old books I forgot I had when given the theme for the day.  I have to admit that I have plundered the children’s toys for a large amount of the props I use (Harley Quinn up there is one of my daughters favourites) but I think that has helped me find my style 🙂

I have serious book case envy too – some of the big bookstagram players have the most fabulous book shelves and we are on a mission this weekend to find the perfect shelf so we can mix our paperbacks with our fandom related merch!  If you like the look of what I have done and you want to follow me on Instagram then I would love it if you would join me! Post Apocalyptic Playground Bookstagram

See now i’ve started talking I don’t want to stop, but I will keep my ramblings to just this for today, if you like my ramblings then let me know and I will talk to you some more!

Stay safe from the Zombie hoards until next time you guys!

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