Bookish Ramblings Part 2

Hello again to you all, I have decided to continue sharing my bookish ramblings with you all you lucky things!

So the big thing for me this week is Book Subscription boxes – there are a ton of these out there and I was feeling really disheartened when so many of them were based in the US, the shipping was almost as much as the box!  Then I discovered Fairy Loot, they are based in London so only a few £ for shipping and they only send YA fantasy books out in their boxes so i’m always going to get a book that i’ll enjoy! They also set you up with random reading buddies who also get the box to read the BOTM with. I’ve set it up that I’ll get my first box in December, in time for my birthday 🙂  It seems like forever away, but it’s my birthday present to myself and I’ll be sharing the big reveal with you all when I get my first box delivered! Are any of you signed up to boxes, which ones?  What made you choose that particular box?

This week I have been reading A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas, I finished it yesterday after having a complete binge read, it was so amazing! I want to start book 3 in the trilogy but because I have ARC’s I signed up for ages ago coming through I need to prioritise those, which leads me to my next big problem – I have been reading paperbacks again for soooo long now that I have no idea where I left my Kindle!  When I have signed off from you I’m going to have to have a search, arggghh.

Finally, as the autumnal nights start drawing in I have gained a snuggly reading buddy 😉

Also, I never found a book case – my hunt continues…..

Stay safe from the Zombie hoards until next time!

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