Bookish ramblings part 4

It’s been a funny old week… Not much reading has been done and that is mainly down to the playstation.  My fab brother lent me Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and it’s fair to say that it’s been quite the time sponge.  Uncharted is one of my favourite playstation franchises and even though there is no Nathan Drake, there are enough kickbacks to make it really enjoyable.  It’s very much uncharted by numbers though, cue lots of relentless gunfights, Tomb Raider style puzzles and and an arduous battle on a moving train but that’s what makes it so playable!  It’s not the best of the franchise by far but (apart from one utterly fiendish puzzle) it’s really really fun to play and most of my evenings have been spent playing that rather than reading.  Don’t listen to the reviews either, I got a good 10 hours game play out of it and I was expecting half of that from what I had heard!

Other bars to reading this week have been the horribly stressful muggle job and even the fun job has been a real emotional drain but i’m back on track with a fab client and a piece that i’m really proud of!

Other things have been afoot this week, the new bookcase arrived on Sunday it’s installed and is starting to be filled, mini me was most excited to bring down the book stack from the attic to put them in pride of place.

I love finally having a bookcase in my living room, it really completes it and I can’t stop looking at all the bookish goodness, i’m trying to be good by reigning in my book spends as I know my fairyloot boxes will start adding to the shelf next month but I’m finding it so hard to say no!

My bookstagram has taken a bit of a back seat as well this week as I have been struggling to feel inspired as a lot of the book challenge themes are samey given that it’s start of Autumn and Halloween coming up.  I have also been very good with my book buying, trying to restrict it to new purchases on pay day so I don’t have anything new to add to my photos and I don’t want my followers to get bored with me posting the same books all the time. I’m going to be very proud to do my first proper #shelfiesunday though this week, this is a sneak peak as a work in progress, I have added a lot of bookish goodies since I took this ❤

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