Review of the Lily Singer Adventures: A Study in Mischief by Lydia Sherrer

I don’t think there is a single thing I don’t like about this series!  One of my favourites of the past year I have been holding off on this little novella as I’m not sure when the next main book in the series is out.  When I saw that the full length books had had a gorgeous cover makeover last week I couldn’t put this off any longer!

Set in retrospect, Lily and Sebastian recount to a curious Kipling the story of how their unlikely friendship was forged; in an effort to break up the tedium of the long overdue clean up operation in Sebastian’s apartment. The reference to the Bog of Eternal Stench raised a little smile for me as it’s one of my favourite parts of Labyrinth!  Lily is collecting books from an auction house and Sebastian arrives taking far too much of an interest in her quarry.  When Lily fails to be swayed by his charms he must take action to show her that he boxes are in fact lacking in a certain degree of bookish goodness and the unlikely pair set off together on their first little adventure.

I loved the immediate ease that they fell into, like it was an inevitable partnership. Each of them having more than one proverbial trick up their sleeve, filling the gaps for each other. There are glimpses of future books in little Easter Eggs for those who have read the main series, like Sebastian’s unorthodox way of travelling and hints at issues from their past that shape them, but not enough to spoil.  It’s almost as though as much is revealed to the reader as Lily and Sebastian would have revealed to each other at that stage.  There is a lot of comedy packed into the pages and I found myself smiling throughout as if back with old friends.  My only issue with this is that it was over too soon! 

It’s free to download from Amazon and it’s the perfect introduction to the characters (although there is a spoiler in respect of Kipling if you haven’t read the first couple of books.)  It’s a truly scrumptious little addition to this great series.


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