Bookish Ramblings Part 10 – Pop collector level 1 – Acheived!

Well it’s been a fun week in the playground again (I’m not quite sure what to do with all this happiness in a post-apocalyptic world!) with the arrival of my Occamy Funko Pop!  Honestly I love this little guy, I know it sounds a little weird but he’s just one of those things I just knew I had to have.  I slightly curse Instagram for this because until I got involved with that I had no idea these guys existed as they are a San Diego ComicCon exclusive.  Yes, I may have sacrificed food for the family as a result of my spends,  but he’s such a lovely little chappy that he’s worth every penny! I do fear for my bank account though, earlier in the week I was saying to Mr Apocalypse that some pops were selling for hundreds of pounds and how I could never spend such an amount; however I think I could easily sink that now, but I shall show some restraint for the time being – and that’s only because i’m hoping for funkofest for my birthday next month!

In other news, Sarah J Maas announced yesterday the title for the next book in the ACOTAR series, it’s meant to be a novella, but given how Tower of Dawn turned out I’m hoping for a full length book.  Titled A Court of Frost and Starlight, I have to say I’m beyond intrigued.  I would say that the Starlight element is representative of Velaris, the Court of Dreams and a throwback to Starfall, but the Frost element has me head scratching.  The winter court in the first 3 books has been a bit of a minor player in terms of visibility. Kallias, of course instrumental in the turning of Feyre into High Fae in ACOTAR, has been present and more so in ACOWAR but not a lot is known of the winter court – of course I’m just speculating that the Frost element refers to the winter court but it will be a nice change of pace to find out more about this court.  I’m still secretly hoping that the ARC in this months Fairyloot box will be this but i’m trying to not get overly excited as the clues are vague!  Either way, this is an epic announcement and I can’t even begin to wait to April 2018 for this!

Reading wise, I have now finished book 1 in the Maze runner series and I hate to say that I am feeling underwhelmed.  It was quite the endurance read for me which was a shame.   I have 3 more in the series on my shelf, so I hope that the series picks up.  I am currently reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and true to my thoughts after Wonderwoman, Bardugo’s writing style is a hit with me, although lengthy chapters are never my friend!  It’s so far a great story, so watch this space for my review!

Bad news is that I am behind on my goodreads challenge –  I have 11 books to go to reach my 75 target by the end of the year, I still hope to do it, but i’m not convinced!

Are any of you doing the GR challenge?  How are you getting on?

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