Bookish Ramblings Part 16 – December “Oh so Regal” Fairyloot unboxing

Yesterday, a little earlier than expected, my December “Oh so Regal” Fairyloot box arrived! I was excited for this as it was my “birthday box” and they had previously released that a Funko Pop was going to be part of this box too. When I opened my box however, I was immediately struck with disappointment as my bookish pop was Simba from the Lion King.  Now don’t get me wrong he is a super cute little fella and I love the Lion King but he was not at all what I was expecting from the artwork released with the theme. There were 6 randomly available pops and the others up for grabs were Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana and Pocahontas.  We already have a Rapunzel so I was glad not to have a duplicate but can Simba really be classed as a bookish item?  The Lion King is not based in fairy tale and was written specifically by Disney themselves for the film.  Fairyloot state that their boxes will contain “Bookish Items” and I think that they have failed with this on this occasion.  I have a bookish box with a regal film item in it 😦   He sadly didn’t look right on my bookshelf but has found a good home in my daughters pop collection 🙂

Anyway, on to the next items!  The other randomly selected item which came in the box was an Exclusive Prince Candle from A Court of Candles Mine was the Aladdin version which smells of Egyptian Amber and Treasure, it actually smells divine!  The other options available were Prince Eric, Prince Charming and Prince Adam (AKA Beast).  A notebook was included this time and contains a quote from the Red Queen “To look powerful is to be powerful” I have never read this book but the artwork on the front is fantastic and by Stella’s Bookish Art. There was next a zip up pouch by Miss Phi featuring a quote from Shakespeare “Virtuous and Fair, Royal and Gracious” This is a lovely little bag and would be great for me to keep my make-up items up together in in my hand bag.  The final, and I think my favourite of the bookish items in my box is a “Books Rule” keychain by Fiction Tea Designs I’m thinking of the moment of where best to use it, I have a ton of keys on my set and I don’t want it to get scratched up from everyday use, but I will definitely be using it somewhere!

Finally the book…. This month’s book is Everless by Sarah Holland, which again like last months book I was hoping it would be. The cover is beautiful and the hard cover itself is in red which is unusual and fantastic. I’m hoping to start reading this after Christmas as I am still catching up with reading my Birthday book haul!

So all in all not as awesome an experience as last months box, I think if I had had a bookish funko then I would have been ecstatic but I guess that’s the risk you take with a box full of secret items. Next months we are promised items including ACOTAR so hopefully my faith in fairyloot will be restored.

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