Review of the Frivolity Fairies by Jo Michaels

The Frivolity Fairies is a gorgeous festive short story from Jo Michaels.  The Frivolity Fairies are based in a Christmas Eve bedtime story, cheeky fairies who convince little ones that they can get up to all kinds of mischief without consequence, because they can put everything right again by morning! When morning comes however, the children are never to be seen again…..

When “Shirley” receives her own visit she takes the opportunity to find out once and for all what happens to the children as morning arrives and sets about a deliberate ruse and enlisting help from unlikely sources. 

In a tale that reminds us of the importance of believing in fairies it gives another take on the magic of Christmas and how acting on your own needs above others has consequence.  There is light though in that by acting selflessly things can be put right and even have something extra in return.  This is a short story and a quick read, but it really is perfect to read this Christmas eve if you fancy a change from the traditional Christmas bedtime stories.  And it’s free to download too!

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