Review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder is a cyborg, looked down on by society and that’s by the one’s who can even bring themselves to look at her.  A gifted mechanic, she spends her days as a ward of her widowed stepmother in a market booth, mending communications systems and other devices – ipads of the future.  The Lunar Chronicles are set in a future where the world has come out of it’s 4th world war, the planet is battle scared and it’s people are battling Letumosis; a plague with no cure.  On an otherwise seemingly normal day, 2 things happen in Cinder’s life that will start her down a dangerous path.  Firstly a visit from a disguised Prince Kai, searching her out to fix his broken droid and secondly another market worker being struck with the plague.  Rather than sit out the quarantine, Cinder makes off from the market with the prince’s android in tow, a decision which has far reaching consequences for those that Cinder then comes into contact with.   A series of events then start unravelling everything that Cinder has ever known about herself and what she thought her future held, can she make it to the ball on time and get to the charming prince?

The Lunar Chronicles is a series that I have had my eye on for ages, so on a whim I picked it up from the bookshop and I am so glad I did.  Far from a traditional reimagining of the Cinderella tale, this does have a few nods to the source material, some glaring and others more subtle, but is very much it’s own unique story.  I could not put it down, it was an light and easy read for me, a ton of content but non of it weighty or overly complicated, which many parts of the story could have been.  It’s a world full of strong characters and in this instance I felt a pang of sympathy for the “wicked” stepmother, although it’s clear that the big bad in this incarnation is the Lunar Queen Levana rather than Cinders adopted family.

I was hoping that Cinders story would be wrapped up in this episode but it becomes clear that hers will be an overarching story in how these books play out, so I’m off to get Scarlett (book 2) as soon as i’m able.  This is a perfectly paced story with lots of twists and foundations being laid for future books in the series, characters that you will love and hate and heart stopping moments that will keep you turning page after page.


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