Bookish Ramblings part 19: Banishing my January bookish blues

You might remember that last month I got myself so bookish goodies on order to arrive in January to make up for the fact that January is often a bit of a quiet month after the excesses of Christmas and New Year.  There is still one thing left to arrive but I don’t think Book and Nook dispatch their boxes until later in the month.  The first thing to arrive, much earlier than expected was my new Funko Pop, which is Sarah and Worm from Labyrinth – it’s my favourite scene of the film and by complete chance is was also on the TV the day it arrived!

Next were my beautiful goodies from Ink and Wonder, I got two of their trademark woodmarks.  “Purrmione” was a gift to Little Miss Playground as she reached the level of free reader at school, the school library is her oyster now!  The second features a quote from my favourite read of last year, A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. “To the stars that listen and the dreams that are answered” even reading that quote gives me shivers thinking about that glorious scene. Finally, and sticking with the ACOTAR theme, I ordered a beautiful map of Prythian.  I’m really happy with all of these, they are really high quality and considering they came from Australia the shipping was really fast and reasonably priced.

When I received my first fairyloot box, one of the items was a fruit tea from Bookish Teas and it tasted fabulous.  Sadly the tea I got was a fairyloot exclusive and i’m nearly out – wah!  But on their website they offered Mysteary Boxes for less than 16 Euros and with a 20% first order discount code this was an absolute steal.  I received 5 teas and some amazing bookish extras, considering their tea is normally 7 euros per bag this was amazing value (although I see that these boxes now contain 3 teas – which is still a bargain IMO).  The owners are fabulous, I let them know which fandoms I was into and I got a ton of Throne of Glass inspired teas and goodies as well as teas based on the lunar chronicles (I’m drinking Cinder at the moment – it smells lush as it’s plum and cinnamon) and one of them almost tastes like my original fairyloot tea which is good enough for me!  I can’t compliment this small business enough, they are so sweet, their teas are amazing and their boxes are packed with goodies. They are based in Germany but again shipping was reasonable as the teas are lightweight and the box arrived really quickly.  I’m definitely going to be buying from them again.

These lovely deliveries have already brightened up the beginning of January for me, be sure to keep an eye out on my bookstagram to see them being featured in posts!!

Have any of you treated yourself to anything (doesn’t have to be books) to brighten up your new year?

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