Bookish Ramblings part 23: Book mail is a go!

I have been very blessed with bookmail this week!  There are 2 indie authors who I am a huge fan of and I received goodies from both.  Firstly from M.A. Phipps!  I took part in a takeover she was hosting a little while ago and I was lucky enough to win a signed paperback copy of Ultraxenopia, which is book 1 in her Project W.A.R trilogy, what was even more awesome is that it has the new release cover from Seven Sisters Publishing.  As I am such a huge fan, I am also part of her Phipps Phanatics group on facebook.  If you are in this group and you have reviewed Ultraxenopia you can apply for exclusive trading cards – 2 will be available for each book in the trilogy and I have started off my collection with Wynter and Ezra!

The next bookmail was from the ever wonderful Jo Michaels.  At the end of last year Jo released Utterances, a NA Fantasy with one hell of a twist!  You can check out my review here. I was not only lucky enough to be part of her ARC team but I was also honoured to host a read along with my fellow advance readers.  Through being part of that team I was able to get my mits on an exclusive wrap bracelet which is beyond beautiful and as an extra special surprise I also received a signed paperback copy which I was blown away to receive, thank you so much Jo!

I think the only dampener on this week was the discovery that the great and powerful Zon has again shoved a wedge between authors and readers.  A couple of ramblings ago I spoke about a great facebook book release party I had attended, I was so excited as I won 3 ebooks from taking part in that and I was really looking forward to entering a new to me genre of Steampunk.  Sadly all the authors were only able to gift to me from amazon, who no longer allow US accounts to gift to UK accounts.  I invited the authors to redraw so others could get the chance, but this was a little sucky for me. I’m determined to find the time to give this genre a go though, and who knows maybe it will be another avenue for this blog to move into in the coming months!

Breaking news:  I have just been auto approved by a publisher on netgalley – I had no idea such a thing existed, I’m so happy!

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