Bookish Ramblings: Reviewers Wanted, apply within!

For a few weeks now I have been considering adding a review team to the blog, I’m struggling to keep up and I feel bad turning down ARC offers.  I’m now also aware that that my current penchant for YA is perhaps not covering a diverse enough range of reviews for my followers.  So my considering has become a reality and I would like to open up the opportunity for 2 to 3 readers to join me in reviewing for the blog!!

For anyone who may be interested in this opportunity I’d like to give you a bit of information about my review policy.  At Post-Apocalyptic Playground I am all about Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and YA versions of the same.  Whilst I’m happy to review books with a romance element, I don’t go so far as to accept erotica within the genres.  I am also passionate about sharing the books I love!  I will never post anything less than a 3* review – writing a book is hard, it’s the authors baby and after all not everyone will love every book.  That doesn’t mean that you have to give every book a 3* or more, as part of the team if you feel a book is deserving of either 1* or 2* I would explain to the author that a review wont be posted to the blog and give feedback if appropriate.  You would still be welcome to post your review to your personal amazon and goodreads accounts.  I would be grateful if you could commit to reviewing each book within a 2 week period.

If you feel that this is an ethos that you can get behind and that this is a blog you would like to be part of then please get in touch at  I am happy to answer any questions or give you more information about reviewing with me!

Thanks for reading!

Gaynor 🙂

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