Bookish Ramblings part 24: Fairyloot “Talk Faerie to me” unboxing

After feeling a little let down by last months box, January’s box made up for it in spades!  Promising to be a box for fans of Sarah J Maas, this didn’t disappoint and I think every item is superb!  I also liked that there were more UK suppliers this month as obviously for me this suppliers will have cheaper shipping so more likely to want to check them out for future bookish purposes!

The first item on opening the box was the most amazing cushion cover, it contains a quote from A Court of Wings and Ruin “Only you can decide what breaks you.” It was created by Evie Bookish and the quality is so good! This was an announced supplier so whilst I knew it was coming I didn’t know the quote, which is perfect. I can’t wait for pay day to roll round so I can get an insert and have it with me whilst I’m curled up reading!  The next item was a set of magnetic bookmarks from Dreamy and Co they feature Feyre and Rysand, this item was a complete surprise and one that I was so happy with as I have been checking out their bookmarks for a while, I can’t wait to start using them in bookstagram posts.  The next UK supplier object was a fab lip balm from Geeky Clean (fact –  I love lip balms) This was a random item and came in either Seelie (which I got) and Unseelie.  I love Geeky Clean, they are 100% cruelty free and vegan!

If you have followed me a while you will know that last year I got into colouring books in a big way so a big smile broke out when I saw that the next item was a faerieland colouring book by Michael O’Mara an independent UK publisher.  All the images are fabulous and I can’t wait to start colouring – although Little Miss Playground has her eye on it too! There were 2 art prints included in this months box and whilst prints aren’t up my street I can appreciate the talent and they are wonderful pictures, again the are based on Sarah J Maas, this time from the Throne of Glass series. The last item was a real surprise, not so much in that it was a candle (all the boxes I have had have had a candle so far) but that it was from Meraki Candles.  This company ceased trading at the end of 2017 so it was nice for them to have a little last hurrah, the candle is inspired by “Price Cardan” and links in with this months book, the fragrance is a little masculine but that was the point!

Finally, this month’s book was The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, my fellow Fairylooter Rebecca Gibson, guessed this way back when the theme was announced.  Holly Black was not on my radar until then, she’s been dubbed the Faerie Queen and I’m excited to be able to read one of her works, so stay tuned for a review hopefully soon! (although I am slowly being crushed by my tbr!)

It was an amazing book by Fairyloot this month, I’m so glad I kept up my subscription! 

Also, if you haven’t already seen my post searching for reviewers to join my review team, check it out here I would love to have like minded readers to help me 🙂

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