Review Team is open for Submissions!

Thank you for your patience with me over the last week whilst I have been making these review team arrangements.  I’m pleased as punch to announce that 4 lovely reviewers will be joining me, Stephanie, Fleur, Katrina and Beverly.  All are avid readers and experienced reviewers who share my blog ethos and I can’t wait to start sharing their reviews with you!

In light of that ****drumroll**** Post Apocalyptic Playground is now open for arc submissions!!!

Submission protocol.
1. Please ensure all submissions are blog appropriate.  We are accepting submissions of Dystopian, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi and paranormal.  YA and Romance within those categories is accepted but please no erotica.
2. All submissions must be provided in a mobi or epub format.  Because of the cross country restrictions on amazon gifted books we cannot accept arcs in this format.
3. Once submitted arcs will be placed on a list for our review team to select from.  Whilst this doesn’t guarantee immediate review it means our reviewer will want to read your book, rather than having to just because it is next in line.
4. We will only post reviews to the blog that are 3* and above (on a 5* scale) This does not guarantee you a minimum 3* review – if it is felt that the book warrants a low review this will be discussed with you by way of constructive feedback if you wish.
5. Please send all submissions and submission enquiries to

All reviews will be posted to the blog and also shared to our facebook and twitter accounts within 2 weeks of book receipt (if you require a shorter turnaround this could be accommodated please ask!).  Reviews will also be posted to amazon as standard and other platforms will depend on additional accounts accessed by individual reviewers.

If your book is not yet released then still please get in touch with an estimated release date so we can do our best to have a release day review available for you.

Any questions please feel free to get in touch at the above email address!

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