Review of The Ultimate Agent by Derek Borne: by Reviewer Katrina

Review of The Ultimate Agent by Derek Borne by Playground reviewer Katrina:


Your Mission:
Undertake an adventure of epic, global, and dire proportions

Agent #524 – Devon Bertrand
Once a normal civilian, Agent Bertrand has been recruited by the Ultimate Agency – a secret arganization of the world’s best spies. Now, after undergoing genetic upgrades, he has become a superhuman agent dedicated to fighting against all threats against he nation he now calls home.

Agent #146 – Brett Gallagher
A brilliant scientist, Dr. Gallagher invents and utilizes technologically advanced gadgets and weapons to fight against national security threats like a modern day superhero

The Target – Mazimus Romanov
Employed by a mysterious Russian Terrorist group, Romanov is a superhuman operative wreaking havoc in the United States.

Mission Data – Confidential
Join Agent Devon Bertrand and Agent Brett Gallagher on a mission to stop Romanov from destroying the United States. As Bertrand and Gallagher work to discover why Maximus harbors a deep hatred towards America, they uncover a conspiracy brewing against the Ultimate Agency, and one man will make the ultimate sacrifice”

The Ultimate Agent is a novelized comic book with all of the flair and excitement that comes with them.  There is plenty of testosterone and an awesomely competitive bro-mance, making it a great read for young adult males.  It’s also a very clean love story with intelligent, strong, and daring female protagonists, and even through they occasionally came off a bit dramatic, it all fit very well with the genre of the book.  Some of the romance gets built quickly and has the potential to feel a little chaotic and rushed, but the relationships round out in a way that is undeniably cute and ready to continue flaring into the next book.  Not to mention that although the lines between good and bad never blurred, the poignant story line of the villian forces the reader empathize, just a little, with evil.

The writing style is very well done, keeping secrets while maintaining omniscience, a tricky feat. It feeds the 007 meets D.C. Comics feel, and even though some of the willing ignorance of the characters (by choosing not to read a mind, for example) was a bit of an eye roll, it keeps things classified while the reader zooms through the fast-paced thrill.  All the while, little secrets and loose ends pop out, leaving plenty of open ends to make the sequel another great read.  With a little nitpicking, it could be said that some of the writing gets repetitive on occasion with the same adjective appearing twice or more on the same page for the same scenario or that a few of the time jumps feel off, but it’s nothing atypical to a superhero’s story. Overall, it was an awesome book, and I think Stan Lee would agree that it gets 5 stars.
The Ultimate Agent is available now on Amazon for .99 or free with Kindle Unlimited!

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