Bookish Ramblings Part 26: Yes, I’m now on WordPress and No, I don’t know what i’m doing!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post on this, the Playground’s brand new website!  As I am ever grateful for your patience as I made this transition, I would welcome still just a little more whilst I get the site looking the way I want.  You should already be able to find all of our previous reviews by scrolling down the main page and through the archive section.  Over the week, I will be putting together menu pages and lots of other goodies and when I have things all up and running properly I will be hosting a super special giveaway for a paperback ARC of a fantasy book not due for release until May!!!

So please keep checking back to see what has been changing and you can now use the social media links under the logo to follow the blog on all platforms.

I’m really excited by the direction everything has been taking for the blog so far this year and I hope that you continue to join me as I take the next steps 🙂


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