Bookish Ramblings: Book buying level critical!

Well I promised I would be back with some ramblings today and I think I have a major problem.  I need to be put on a book buying ban!  In fairness to me, most of my purchases were entirely justified and necessary…..mostly.

How do I justify this, well for a start 2 of them were pre-orders for 2 of my most anticipated reads of 2018.  Legendary by Stephanie Garber, is being released by Waterstones with a signed copy option!  There was no difference in price to the usual hardback so I was in there like a shot, I can’t wait to receive this, not only because of the signed edition but i’m also intrigued to see if there are different images under the dust cover like there were with Caraval.   My second pre-order was for A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas.  I had toyed for long time with purchasing the Illumicrate Starfall edition but I also have to adult and £60 for a book box could not be justified.  All is not lost though, the good people at Bloomsbury are offering a special edition pin with pre-order proof of puchase, if you have pre-ordered (or were going to) then you can find the sign up form here  The ACOTAR series pretty much broke me last year, but I can’t help but go back in for more!

Talking of the good people at Bloomsbury, they have just had the most wicked sale, with a huge 40% off some titles.  All of Sarah J Maas titles were included (and if I had the money I would have picked them all up in hardback) and I managed to snag the rest of the Throne of Glass series, which at 5 books remaining was quite the box that arrived today!  Mr Playground pretended not to notice.  I hope that Bloomsbury holds these types of sales regularly and I will let you all know next time so you can hopefully take advantage of this amazing offer – they were even cheaper than the great and powerful Zon!

My only let down was my copy of Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth, in no way a problem with the story but more with Book Depository who I will never buy from again.  Those who know me know I am incensed by publishers adding promotion stickers directly in the cover, so not a peel off, but a never to be shifted blemish on the beautiful cover art.  I was delighted therefore to find that book depository were offering 2 versions of the book, one with and one without the hideous sticker – sadly despite the advertised product, I received the stickered version.  What followed was probably one of the worst customer service exchanges I have ever experienced, I felt openly mocked by them by the end of it and I just don’t have the time in my life to argue with them any more – they have lost me as a customer.  The thing is, this wasn’t a “must buy” for me this month but I felt I couldn’t pass over the opportunity to get the cover I wanted and I could have got the version I received cheaper elsewhere. c’est la vie I have heard a couple of rave reviews about it this week so i’m sure I’ll get the chance to get stuck in….eventually……

How about you? Please let me know I’m not the only one who can’t stop buying books!

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