Fairyloot Unboxing – February Twisted Tales Box

I am so late with getting this up, I’ve had my box now for a week but what with everything going on with the new site I haven’t had the chance to post my unboxing of yet another fabulous Fairyloot box!  All the items featured this month are again exclusive to Fairyloot including the book which had a cover just for them.

The February theme is Twisted Tales and had a real Grimm’s fairytales feel to it.  It was packed with tons of awesome stuff nearly all of which was fantastically practical.  The first item was a wonderful ceramic mug from Anjuli Art, this was the second time I have an item from them within the box (the first was the Lady’s that Slay booksleeve which I use all the time!) and it’s really lovely.  There are lots of little scenes from different Grimm’s tales incorporated on there, it’s one of those items that you spot something new about each time you look at it.   This box was also the first time that I had an exclusive “by Fairyloot” item, cute little witch and gingerbread house socks, I’ve not worn them yet, but there’s a #socksunday coming up on Instagram so I’ll break them out for that!  Alongside of some (cruelty free) poisoned apple bath salts from Little Heart, there was also an item from my favourite bookish merch seller.  I LOVE Ink and Wonder designs especially their gorgeous sustainable woodmarks, in this months box there was a Little Red Riding hood themed woodmark which I have been using whilst reading this months featured book.

The book this month was The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert and there was also a linked in themed candle from Wick and Fable.  The candle is very unusual which I like (it makes me think I may not be too far off with an idea I have for this blog) It’s named “The Hinterland” based on a place within the story and the smell is Oak Moss and Tea Leaves, it really gives off an autumn forest aroma and I do strangely like it.  I finished reading the Hazel Wood tonight, in keeping with the box theme it’s all about dark fairy tales and I will try and get my review up tomorrow.

If you think you would love to have any of the exclusive items mentioned in my Fairyloot unboxing posts, then all is not lost.  There is a facebook group for buying, selling and trading Fairyloot items which you may like to join and maybe you can find that special item you were after, you can join the group here

Thats it for this months Fairyloot, next month will be Memorable Moments and it’s their anniversary box, so I’m hopeful for lots of good things!

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