Review of One True Mate by Julie Trettel

“Kelsey Adams is alone, and has been since childhood. Running away is all she knows and necessary to preserve her deepest, darkest secret. She can not afford for anyone to get close, or know about the monster within. But when she lands a lucrative job as an administrative assistant to Kyle Westin, CEO of the Westin Foundation, her life changes and everything’s at stake. Can she conceal her growing feelings and her true self from this enigmatic, strong willed man, or will her world fall apart? 

Kyle Westin, an alpha male who always gets what he wants, has watched and waited for the little she-wolf he knows is his perfect mate to show any signs of recognition. For two years he endures her unnecessary formality and daily rejections with a patience he did not know he possessed. But even Kyle has his limits…. Can he make Kelsey notice him as someone other than her boss and break down the walls she built around her heart? Or will Kelsey do what she has always done — run?”

I really liked how this wasn’t just your run of the mill shifter book, instead of girl meets boy shifter/they have loads of sex and fall in love/then end, we get so much more. Kelsey thinks she is a monster because of her past so doesn’t get close to anyone and has been a loner since she was 12. She finally finds a town where she feels at home and finally finds a job she loves, unfortunately for her CEO she works for is delicious so she makes sure she keeps things distant so he will never get close to her and find out her secret. Unbeknownst to her she isn’t a monster and there are others in town who could actually help her understand herself. The 2 year jump was unexpected and I felt too long a time for things to have stayed status quo especially how the rest of the pack felt as well as Kyle, but at least things started to really get moving along after that and I would have liked some steamy scenes instead of one minute they are in bed then they wake up the next morning. I actually really liked the characters with Kelsey being very strong and determined and times and then very sheltered from having no one for so long, Kyle trying to rein in his feelings even though from the beginning knowing how he felt about Kelsey and of course Kyle’s sisters and Cole. There was plenty of mystery, suspense, frustration and twists that kept me reading as well as some surprises I did not see coming. I can not wait to read the next book in the series to see what is install for Elise and Patrick!


One True Mate is currently available through Amazon

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