Review of Eagle of the Empire by Martin Ferguson

‘As all around me cheer, eager for blood, eager for glory, I realise I have escaped one life of war and bitter struggle for survival and entered another, where the cheers of crowd will decide life or coming death.

The sound of thousands of spectators gasping sounds like soughing reeds. This is the end of my story; this glorious moment. There is no way I can win, whatever I do. Death is the only victory on offer to me today.’

Join the subversive and charming college student, Adam Hunter in his quest to recover his brother and the infamous Roman Relic of The Golden Eagle. 

As Adam undertakes the dangerous adventure to find his missing brother, he unearths the secret organisation, which is part of the British Museum, This top secret, classified group are responsible for undertaking extreme treasure hunting, and relic recovery quests, ensuring history’s most prized, dangerous, and sometimes magical, artefacts are secured safely away for future generations. 

‘Eagle of The Empire’ is the first in this adventure, action series, and sees Adam Hunter discovering not only the secret double life of his brother, Matt, but also of the Centurion, Optio Marcus Aurelius, who formed part of the legendary, infamous legion, The Legio IX Hispana. 

Erased from history, and transformed into the realm of legends, the Legio IX Hispana was fabled to have been involved in an event so miraculous, and to have secured a totem so powerful, that now, the most evil man on the planet will do anything in his power to secure it. 

Dash alongside the Hunter Brothers and the British Museum team as they do everything in their power to stop The Eagle of The Empire falling into the wrong hands.

Myth is becoming reality after being kept secret for so long.

So begins the story of Adam Hunter. Adam’s brother, Matthew, is missing. Adam has always felt inferior to his brother, thanks to his Mother’s taunts and hatred. When a mysterious man comes to Adam’s home with Matthew’s journal, Adam realizes that he has to find his brother.

If you enjoy stories like Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Librarians, Warehouse 13 and Lara Croft, you will love this book! Adam deciphers his brother’s journal and follows his footsteps in search of the Eagle of the Empire (the Roman Empire). Along the way, he encounters hidden tombs, supernatural creatures, booby trapped caverns and ghosts.

Great action, great adventure and a great story! As a bonus, every other chapter is the story of a young Centurion, Marcus Aurelius, who might have been the last keeper of the Eagle. The story of his rise through the ranks of his Legion, then his fall into slavery, is very well-written. The scenes of his fights as a Gladiator were often heartbreaking and his determination in reuniting with his young wife was inspiring.

I enjoyed “meeting” Adam Hunter and his love for his brother. A couple of quotes really stand out: “Why postpone what can be done today?” is one that I plan to remember.

The writer has the ability to make you feel the emotions of the characters, the action of the scenes and the intensity of the hunt. Although this book was tagged as YA, it is a wonderful book and should entertain readers of all ages. I look forward to being able to follow more adventures of the Relic Hunters!

Five Stars!
Eagle of the Empire is currently available through Amazon for just .99!

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