Bookish Ramblings: Wondercrate Unboxing – Dark and Light theme

For those of you who have followed me for a little while will know that I have a small obsession with Ink and Wonder designs.  Earlier this year they announced that they were producing a “Wondercrate” on a one time trial basis and I believe me when I say I had one in my cart ready to go the very minute they went on sale! As they are based in Austrailia I then had the long wait for the box to arrive and clear customs, but today I got my little mits on all the goodness!  The theme for this box is Light and Dark.

Ink and Wonder are best known for their ethically sourced woodmarks and in this box I received 4, yes 4! of these beautiful items. Out of the 4 my favourite gives a quote from an Emily Dickenson poem and I love that it’s an outline design on red cedar.  The other 3 are a more traditional Ink and Wonder colourful design and are based on the Mortal Instruments, Stephen King’s It and finally Dracula, with cute little bats which I just know will end up next to Draculaura on one of my Monster High based bookstagrams

There were plenty of smaller Items too, I was happy to see an enamel pin (I love my night court one) which is based on Harry Potter’s Lumos spell and it’s glow in the dark!  A sticker with a quote from Sarah J Maas’s the Assassin’s Blade, I’m really happy with this as I am a huge fan and I actually read that book just this month, I think I’m going to stick it onto the back of my kindle. A sew on patch featuring a quote from Lord of the Rings and features the Phial of Galadrial, which was gifted to Frodo. The final small item was a magnet featuring a quote from Princess Leia, extra poignent as it’s a line from The Last Jedi, my children love it too as it features BB8 on it!

More art based items include a tote with a wonderful latern and the famous Dumbledore quote “even in the darkest of times one must simply turn on the light” I have become a big fan of totes recently and I can’t wait to take this one out and about with me.  More Harry Potter based items (and lets face it, I can never have enough) an A5 card print featuring Sirius Black as Padfoot and finally a A4 print showing both the light and dark side of a Clash of Kings by George RR Martin.

All in all this was a gorgeous box (even the box itself was wonderfully colourful) so many wonderful items that I will use not only day to day in life but also for my bookstagram.  The only downsides are, and one is outside of the company’s hands, firstly the padding in the box is almost like a wood shaving, it ended up stuck to the fabric items and pretty much got everywhere in my living room (and in my car as it bits came out the side as I was bringing it home) and secondly, the customs charges.  The smaller items I have received from them in the past have alwasys made it through but this box came in at a fairly hefty (in my view) £13.60 in added customs charge for the UK.  The box itself, including shipping, came in a just a touch more than my fairyloot usually does which was great but the customs charge took it outside of what is really going to be affordable in the future. Ink and Wonder have yet to confirm if they will be doing boxes again (given that these sold out I expect they will) but at this time I feel very lucky to have received one of these first boxes and who knows if it’s a very special theme in future I may treat myself again.

I have to apologise for my photography in ths post, by the time I got back from work there was no natural light left and I was just too excited to not get this post up today!  I will post a properly staged unboxing over on instagram, probably on Sunday if you want to take a closer look at the goodness 🙂

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