Review of Curse of the Sands (Relic Hunters book 2) by Martin Ferguson

“Thousands of miles away from London and The British Museum, in the mysterious Land of The Pharaohs, a pyramid has been discovered, or more accurately, one has suddenly appeared. 

As treasure hunting teams from across the globe dash to the historic discovery, the race is on for the Hunter brothers, and their 
fellow members of the British Museum team, to unlock both the pyramid’s secrets and its relics. 

Only, not all is as it seems, and as the treasure hunters begin to die one by one, it soon becomes apparent. the pyramid has its own vengeful agenda. 

In this second book of The Relic Hunters’ Series, seventeen-year-old Adam Hunter must learn to work as part of the team in order to save the day and win the heart of the girl he’s falling for.”

After reading the first book in the Relic Hunters series, I immediately started reading this second book. And, I was not disappointed!

The book continues the adventures of Adam Hunter and the rest of the British Museum’s team on their quest to find ancient relics. “Curse of the Sands” finds Adam and his brother, along with the rest of the team, entering a previously unknown pyramid in Egypt. Teams from Sweden, France, Italy and the US are also allowed to enter this pyramid after an Egyptian team is attacked and killed by an unknown force.

If you enjoy Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lara Croft and the Librarians, you will love this series. Mr. Ferguson does a wonderful job in his action scenes and you really feel like you are watching it on a screen in your mind. The story was well written, the characters are great and the action never stops. I love the way that the author alternates the story between the modern day adventurers and the ancient people who set up the story.

I really didn’t know much about the myth of Osiris and Isis, but this book was a great way to learn about their love. Of course, there are villains, ancient curses, plagues, booby traps and all the other things that you would expect from disturbing an ancient Egyptian tomb.

My favorite line from this book: “In this life or the next, we shall be reunited”. This story definitely convinces the reader that this is the truth!


Curse of the sands is currently available through Amazon

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