The Monthly Raven unboxing

Last month you will recall that I decided to take a break from Fairyloot and try out some new subscription boxes.  The first I have tried looks to be a fairly new box on the block. The Monthly Raven, is a box from fantasy merchandiser Ravenswand and there were a few things that led me to want to try out this box.  The first was that they promised a full sized candle – I had become quite frustrated with sample sized candles so this was a good start, they offered free postage, had a ton of fandom’s I love on their site that they could pull content from and actually sent out their boxes towards the start of the month.


I managed to snag the last April box on their web store and It arrived within the first week of April!  I was excited to get this opened, as was Little Miss Playground as she was hoping for Harry Potter Content! There wasn’t a theme for the box so it was to be a complete surprise. I was initially met with a whole ton of packing, loads of paper ribbons which was only necessary as the box was twice the size that it needed to be.  But when I reached the good stuff I was not disappointed.  I was met with not one but 2 new release books in paperback.  The first book was Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi.  This is a book which has been showing up a ton on Instagram and whilst it wasn’t one I would have run out to buy myself, I was glad to see it in the box as I have seen great reviews!  They did enclose a full sized candle and it was beautiful in a glass lidded jar.  The candle is a Ravenswand exclusive for the book and is called Blood and Bone which thankfully had a raspberry aroma to it.  There was also a matching bookmark.

The second book is The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw, which again I had seen a lot on IG but not really on my radar as to what it was about, from the blurb it sounds quite chilling so it may sneak its was up to near the top of my tbr!  Again there was a matching bookmark.

Additional content is by way of a Harry Potter themed notebook with The Deathly Hallows symbol, which I love and also some Harry Potter themed vinyl stickers which Little Miss Playground now has.

It was a lovely box to receive and I was pleased to get 2 books, although I miss getting a hardback!  The other items were lovely and I think all in all the box represents good value at £25.00 posted.  I don’t think it will become a regular purchase but I will be keeping my eye on future boxes, especially if they start to offer themed boxes as the fandom merchandise on their site looks sublime!

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