Review of Echo Among Stars by Joanna S Morris

Would you risk everything you thought you knew about yourself if it meant saving everyone you love?
Sixteen-year-old Eden Huntleigh and her family live within the district of Empyrean. Under the rule of The Renegades, and their tyrant leader Cesar, every aspect of life is controlled. Streets are patrolled by humanoid Enforcers. Necessities are rationed. Disobedience is not tolerated.
When Eden receives an omen, and joins a group of Rebels led by the alluring Leo Dillon, her life begins to unravel.
Just as the Rebels are beginning to understand what they are capable of Cesar has kidnapped their families forcing them to strike before they are ready. Once inside the Empyrean palace they discover the horror of what they are truly facing. Does Eden have what it takes to be the legend she was destined to be? Ready or not she’s about to find out..

The first thing I want to say about this is don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I think that the cover choice isn’t great for the content – it’s not a criticism of the cover at all, it just didn’t match in particularly with the dystopian premise of the book!

It’s fair to say that this book is fairly short at just over 200 pages but it is such an easy and enjoyable read. Whilst in this book we are left fairly in the dark with the causes of the dystopia our protagonist Eden and her friends find herself in, it’s quickly paced in getting you up to speed. I think it’s fair to say that there is no padding at all in this book which is actually really refreshing. That being said, it gives little time to become fully involved with the characters. This is a clear YA read and I can’t criticise the characters for behaving like teenagers, yes there are a lot of instacrushes but we are talking about teens who have led pretty dire lives of near starvation so I think a little instalust is allowed!

Eden’s world is controlled by the mysterious Renegades, who enjoy the spoils in their ivory tower whilst the proletariat obey and serve. However, on a still night where the stars themselves seem to disappear so do Edens family and the families of her friends. Eden finds herself caught up with a rebel gang of teens who all share the same necklace apparently passed down from earlier generations which marks them with skills an abilities. They proceed on a daring and desperate rescue plan and with trust being handed out a bit too freely, what could possibly go wrong?

This is book one in a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger of epic proportions. There is a lot to be told in this tale and I am excited to know more about how the skills attached to the necklaces will develop alongside of how the group will find their way out of the ending predicament. I found this to be a light and fun read which has been a real antidote to more long winded fantasy. I’m going to definitely continue with the series, and hope that the characters develop a bit more and the story gathers a bit more depth to really lock in groundwork laid in this first book in the series!

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