Review of Keeper of Crows by Casey L Bond

Carmen Kennedy is a spoiled brat from Beverly Hills with a chip on her shoulder and a cocaine addiction to match. Using drugs to suppress reality, her life is more than she can stomach most days. All she wants is to disappear, and on one fateful night, her wish is granted.
There is a world that exists just beyond the fabric of our own. When Carmen is dragged there against her will, her hopelessness seems to disappear, replaced by a determination to survive. The Keeper of Crows is charged with guarding Carmen, but is safety a possibility in a world so desolate? Can love blossom when danger lies in wait? Together, they fight like hell, seeming to lose more ground than they gain with each battle against the dark enemy threatening to tear them apart. Can love keep her safe? Can it give her the strength she needs?
When the lines between life and death, reality and dream become blurred, who will save the souls trapped in the spaces between Heaven and Hell? Who will save Carmen’s only love, The Keeper of Crows?

I just loved Carmen and The Keeper they are such great and complex characters. Carmen is sassy, speaks her mind and is also lost to who she really is, while The Keeper is doing the job he was given without question even though others that meet him in his world tell him what he is doing isn’t worth it. Carmen’s arrival not only surprises The Keeper as she doesn’t react like others he whispers to but also now he is stuck with her and her mouth/mind questioning everything. They way the story unfold and how we see them both slowly reveal what their real personalities are is great and the mix of other worldly beings, wars, mysteries and a little bit of romance just adds to this fantastic read. I can not wait to read book 2 and see what happens next!


Keeper of Crows is available through Amazon for $3.97 and can be found here

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