Bookish Ramblings: Stuffing and Stuff Off

It’s been a strange week since we’ve come back off holiday, strange in that I feel really refreshed with it all and have really thrown myself back into reading and instagram and also had quite the trauma on facebook!

I’ve been hearing a lot about book stuffing in the last few days, far from being a new phenomenon it seems strange that I have not heard of it before.  I started to research it earlier to do a whole ramblings about it but then thought the whole thing would just be far too inflammatory and I don’t know enough about it to really comment.  However, the first book I read when I got back got me thinking about this issue and whether it fell into a book stuffing category or not.  I’m not going to name the book as I didn’t like it and with blog ethos in mind, I won’t be reviewing it here either.  However, this ebook finished at 75% (it was a blessed relief really) and the last 25% was a very lengthy excerpt from book 2 – I did find that all very strange as if the books are comparative length, then that’s a third of book 2 crammed into the end of book 1?  Does this mean they get double the page reads for this if the reader gets book 2 and skims through to the part they got to?  I appreciate that this is only really relevant on KU but I still found it a very strange way of publishing. I would be interested to hear the thoughts of others on this point!!

As I said in an earlier ramblings, I have dedicated June as a Kindle month where I am focusing on clearing my kindle tbr.  It’s a weird thing to say, but I find that I really do read much more quickly when I read from kindle, I am now on my 5th book this month so i’ll be smashing my monthly target of 6 books.  From experience indie often has a lower page count that a lot of the traditionally published fantasy, not always I accept, but it’s likely as well that this is why I have been flying through the reads.

Instagram has taken a turn for me as well.  I’m still over the whole “keeping count of my follows” but i’m trying to be much more active with my story and trying to build up relationships with others.  It feels like such a community there for me at the moment, no cross words or hateful speech.  I have been a long term follower of Geeky Clean on there having loved their items in past fairyloot boxes, they have just launched a new candle box called Nerd Poured Candles, it’s a new business venture they have started and I am supporting them in this.  Their first box is “For the Love of Books” and is perfect for bloggers and bookstagrammers – I managed to snag one of the limited first boxes and I’m looking forward to them launching a rep search!

This week has sadly been marred by an unfortunate experience selling a book box item in a B/T/S group.  I had a popular item for sale that drew a lot of attention and as I didn’t want to risk shipping outside of the UK I had to pass on a number of requests.  Sadly one person didn’t take this very well and sought to abusive to me on a private message.  An hour (and many screen shots later) they had to back down and apologise as I had done nothing wrong in the end, but it was still very upsetting.  I’m finding myself kind of done with facebook at the moment, i’m taking the app off my phone and will only really be on there for blog related stuff.

But back to good news!  Because of the quality of the reviews being put out by the team we are finding ourselves in need of another review team member to keep up with the demand!  If you think you would like to join the team then please take a look at the reviews page of this blog to learn all about our ethos and send me a message at

Keep checking back this week as there will be an amazing post from the wonderful Jo Michaels coming your way!


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