Review of The Ultimate Agent 2 by Derek Borne

Your Mission:
Reconvene with The Ultimate Agent, Specialist, and their team as they uncover a threat of biblical proportions.
Agent #772 – Dr. Isaiah Manning
A reclusive geneticist with ground-breaking concepts and technology is recruited to the Ultimate Agency, making it possible to create endless advancements which could change the world for the better.
Agent #125 – Spencer Raymond
A low-key yet crucial operative for the agency is thrust into a life-changing assignment. Further details are classified.
Mission Data – Confidential
Agent Devon Bertrand and Dr. Jade Hathaway take a new step in their relationship. Due to unexpected circumstances, Dr. Brett Gallagher faces new responsibilities which may hinder his ability to protect the innocent at full capacity. Agent Valeriya Yashin and her dynamic abilities are now an invaluable part of the team. Unite with agents old and new as they fight to eradicate those responsible for terrorizing the world with unfathomable creatures.
A WARNING to the readers of this review **SPOILERS** were difficult to avoid here because so much of Book 2 relies on having previously read Book 1.
The Ultimate Agent: Book 2 by Derek Borne was a fantastic addition to the series. At the beginning, a reader could certainly be thirsty for the straight-into-action feel that was all throughout Book 1. Since the first part of the book was focused on establishing a solid relationship between Devon and Jade, it was a bit of a slow start and didn’t feel like an action-packed comic book until about 30% of the way into the book. The relationship itself was sweet, it was cute, the whole book was PG, which is something to really appreciate! Devon gets an opportunity to reconcile his past by running into his parents. Honestly, this part of the story seemed forced and short, but it gets brought back to the readers attention throughout the story and remains a problem for The Ultimate Agent to work through and resolve. Mostly, what was unsettling about the interaction, was that Devon’s parents were able to get their act together as a direct result of him leaving, and as a reader who is very empathetic to the characters of a story, that was a really difficult conflict to overcome. It was okay at the end, but more could have been there. Maybe Borne is saving that for Book 3. New agents are introduced in the second book like Agent Spencer, who is transformed into a literal Tiger/Shark by a mad geneticist. At first, this almost lost the book a star because there were so many ways to infer how the character was going to grow through the book, and it was really, really, really out there. However, it’s a superhero story, so everything is on the table, and the character ends up very well rounded and becomes an excellent addition to the Ultimate Agency. He even became a personal favorite (but no one beats The Specialist). He has a very heartbreaking interaction with his cousin that put a lot of emotion and character building and resolve in one spot. It was a difficult hump to get over as well, but again, ultimately, it helped to move the characters forward at a reasonable pace. To avoid too many spoilers, I’ll say that there are some deep losses in this book, and it moves all of the agents into a more visceral place, a place that made them more human and easier to relate with from a “normal person” point of view. They’re still vulnerable, and that’s important to keep at the forefront of stories like this. Borne did an excellent job with that. The book finally became something that I couldn’t put down at about 50% of the way through the story. Before then, the story was still good, and the characters were still lovable. After that half-way mark, the action came back, sunk us back into the story, and kicked some major hind end. Even with all of the epic superhero powers, abilities, gadgets, and gizmos at the disposal of the agency, Konstantin is a formidable foe. There was some serious super villain character fleshing out, and Derek really opened up a whole new can of worms through this expansion of Konstantin’s character. The conclusion of the book leaves me wondering where Derek is going to take The Ultimate Agency next, and I am so ready to find out when he publishes Book 3. Overall, The Ultimate Agent: Book 2 was amazing and earned its full five stars. *****
The Ultimate Agent 2 is due for release on the 27th July and is available for pre-order now via Amazon by clicking here
If you want to start the series now in time for book 2’s release you can find it here and it is currently free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

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