Review of the Fall by S.T. Campitelli

Melbourne, Australia, 2052, two years since The Fall.
A wave of infection, the Jackson Virus, has swept the world, leaving in its wake a terrifying apocalyptic wasteland populated by wild cleanskin survivor groups and the ravenous, infected night predators – the jacks. In this nightmare landscape, one of the last remaining sanctuaries is Kulin Wallcom, a community enclosed by a 10-metre wall patrolled by what’s left of the military. The wallcoms are the last remaining bastions of defence and security in a world gone over the edge.
But the people of Kulin can’t stay behind their wall forever.
Recovery expert, John Bradley, is part of a major operation into the wasteland looking to not only ensure the survival of Kulin by bringing back critical supplies from the abandoned Southstone Supermall, but, more crucially, to also locate and extract the only person left who may be able to reverse the tide of infection.
However, the mission faces danger at every turn. It seems to be compromised from the inside, Southstone is thought to be an impossible target overrun with infected, and wasteland survivor bands, led by the psychopathic wasteland leader, the Headhunter, are bent on making sure the operation has to fight each step of the way to get back to the wallcom before nightfall.
Because that’s when the jacks come out.
And they will find you.
Welcome to the world of The Fall.

I know that a lot of people don’t understand the fascination with reading/watching Post-apocalyptic stories. I think that this quote from the book gives a little insight: “Where there is life, there is hope.”

The year is 2052 in the desolation of Melbourne, Australia. A virus has infected much of the human population with a zombie-like disease, so the survivors are living in walcoms (walled communities). These walcoms offer protection, but of course, it’s impossible to stay inside the walls forever. Technology still exists, which helps the survivors communicate while on treks into the surrounding areas in search of supplies.

Of course, there are bad guys, there are relationships, and there are deaths, even of some characters that the reader feels like they know. But, we have come to expect that in the Post-apoc genre. The characters are well-developed and the story moves at a fast pace. You do have to pay attention to the headers for the chapters in order to know where the action is occurring and I appreciate that the author added this information.

The writing is well-done and I found myself becoming totally involved in the story. Mr. Campitelli does a great job and I will definitely be looking for the next book in this series.


The Fall is Currently available via Amazon and is free for KU subscribers here

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