Unboxing: June Nerd Poured Candle Crate – For the Love of Books

In May, the good people behind Geeky Clean announced that they were starting up a companion business providing candle boxes. Nerd Poured Candles which has now been abbreviated to NPC Crate promised 3 candles, a themed bookmark and an enamel pin. I love Geeky Clean products which I have in the past received via Fairyloot boxes – they are an ethical company, against animal testing and providing packaging which isn’t bad for the environment – told you they were good people!  When they did a shout out on Instagram for help in getting the word out about their boxes, I jumped at the chance and put my order in for the crate on the day they went on sale. They are not a bookish company and whilst this theme was book related I can imagine that future boxes will be across tv, film and games be it video or board.

Yesterday my crate arrived (via Royal Mail, so no annoying courier companies) and although I was desperate to open it, I waited until the little playground dwellers were in bed to avoid the grabby hands! For the first time ever I did a live unboxing on my Instagram Stories, it may still be there if you’re quick – if not, here is what you need to know!

The box smelled amazing, the lids weren’t tightly on the candle jars so the aroma from the candles had come through! The bookmark was beautifully designed with a Tolkien quote “It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there no dragons” This cleverly ties in the with the NPC Crate logo and the back of the bookmark served as a spoiler card for the candles which were coming. Next was the enamel pin, in a book design with the phrase “ask me what i’m reading.” It’s a lovely pin with great attention to detail around the edges.

The candles!  I had been seeing hints to these in the weeks leading up to the boxes being sent out, they were individually wrapped in biodegradable paper with a logo sticker on each.  Currently Reading was Floral, Delicate and Sweet, on the spoiler card this also added Cherry Blossom – which really did capture the smell of this candle.  It is creamy looking and almost iridescent, given the theme it’s going to be one I will be using a lot – when am I not currently reading! Plot Twist ideal for all those OMG moments. Tropical rum scented was so fitting for moments in books which will make you (or at least me) reach for a glass of wine.  The colours in this candle were gorgeous and I would love to know how they achieved the marbled effect, plus it’s got purple in it which is my favourite colour! Finally Book Dragon which is a musk scented candle and probably my favourite of the 3. Dragons treat their books like gold so it was only right that this candle had wonderful gold sparkles on it.  The candle itself was a wonderful forest green with the same creative iridescent look. Across all the candles the aromas were very subtle, I’ve not had a chance to light one yet so I don’t know how strong the scent is whilst burning.

And there you have it, the first ever NPC Crate! The best thing about this box is the price, it’s just £15 and because it’s part of the Geeky Clean family you earn reward points too.  To put this into perspective, currently a single candle through Geeky Clean is £8 (which is pretty standard) so for less than the price of 2 candles you get 3, a pin and bookmark which is amazing value.  The theme for the next month is available on their site until the 15th of the preceding month – so the July box is currently available.  The next theme is Dreaming of Ghibli  and as a massive Ghibli fan this is a box that I would love to get- I can imagine the pin will be amazing! If you wanted to find out more about the crate you can visit the site here


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